Before and After Reiki

What to do Before and After Your Reiki Session For Optimal Energetic Healing:

Getting the most out of your session begins with you. Below is a list of ideas to take into consideration both before and after your Reiki session. Remember, your Reiki session is always catered toward your deepest healing, so finding what works best for you is key.


  • Relax and reflect

Give yourself at least 30 minutes prior to the session to sit and reflect, particularly noticing how your body is feeling and anything you are noticing with regards to emotions, thoughts, or physical sensations. You may want to reflect on any intentions you want to set for your session and anything you might want to share with me before you begin.

  • Eat and hydrate

Make sure you have eaten something light and are hydrated an hour before the session. You want to be as comfortable as possible and not distracted by hunger or thirst. The water will also help in the process of removing  stagnant toxins during the session.

  • Come dressed comfortably

Be sure you wear comfortable clothes. I usually recommend you either wear or bring socks, since shoes are removed during the session and the feet can get cold.

You will also want to use the restroom before the session, and if the position you are in for your session is uncomfortable in any way, let me know and I will be sure to make you as comfortable as possible.



  • Integrate

Many of the treatment benefits can occur as soon as after the session if over and as such, it is important to find somewhere quiet and relaxing to integrate what may arise. I recommend that you take at least 15-20 minutes after the session to mediate, lie down, go for a walk in nature or even take a nap. Try not to schedule anything immediately after your session.

  • Hydrate

After doing any type of energy work it is important to hydrate, so be sure to drink 1 to 2 glasses of water after your session.  Continue to drink a lot of water throughout the week as your body is rebalancing after your treatment. Hydration helps to facilitate the cleansing out of toxins that are continually being released.  Also avoid any alcohol, caffine, smoking, sweet artifical drinks  or beverages like Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc. for a few days. Think:  Water, water and more water!

  • Eat

Energy work is often hungry work and you may find yourself hungry immediately after your session. Be sure you listen to your body and choose a healthy snack or meal afterward if needed.  Stay away from heavy, fried or greasy foods. Keep your diet light while your body is using its energy for healing.  Eating can also help ground the body and as a bonus, you may find  a piece of dark chocolate to be quite restorative.

  • Reflect

It is often helpful to spend some time after the session reflecting. I recommend journaling or drawing to capture any insights or to simply digest your session. You may decide to mediate afterward or listen to calming and/or inspirational music. Whatever you choose to do, find an activity that helps you connect to what you have experienced so you can draw on it in the future.

Reiki is an extremely gentle and yet, because energy blockages are being cleared in the body, issues may come up as a result. So do be gently with yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  • Continue all current medical treatment plans.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical or mental health care. You may want to make notes of any experiences you had during and after a session and share these with your medical doctor.


Awareness is a Vital Component of Wellness

Observe any changes in energy, mood, feelings, memories, thought, behaviors, reactions, etc.  Often time, Reiki brings deep, underlying issues to the surface if you are paying attention. This will help you identify the true root cause of your issue(s) and symptoms. If you clear up the emotional, mental, or energetic root cause(s) behind your issue(s) you will no longer have the physical symptoms and they will not return.

Reiki reinforces your ability to take responsibility for your own life and helps you make the necessary changes in attitude and lifestyle to promote a happy, healthy life.

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