What is Crystal Therapy?

Every crystal or stone has a distinct healing function and energy vibration. This is knowledge that the ancient cultures have always had and used in their healings of the body, mind and soul.  It has only been within the last few decades that scientific instruments were invented that can actually “see” and read these vibrations. Today, crystal energy is used in everything: your watch, computer, T.V. and even your cell phone. Yet, many still fail to understand that this same energy can be used in healing our bodies.


Our bodies are made up of thin sheets of connective tissue that cover the organs and muscles called fascia. The fascia is actually a form of liquid crystals. This is why our bodies do in fact react with the healing power of energy within specific crystals. The vibrations of certain crystals interact with the energy vibrations flowing through our bodies, helping to clean and move out any stuck energies.

Using crystals along with Reiki can enhance the healing energies to bring about a clear mind and an energetic state of being.

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