What is "Hara"?

The Hara is a very important element within the inner heart of Reiki. Literally the word hara means abdomen; field of elixir or ocean of Ki (energy). The root definition is “our true center”.  The Hara is found in the belly approximately 3 inches below the navel. This is an energy center where one’s original energy is stored. This is the energy one is born with, the energy that is the essence of your life and supports your life’s purpose. Original energy is not only the energy one receives from one’s parents when one is conceived but most importantly it is the energetic connection between you and the universal life force.

"It is through this center one connects with the strength of the earth."

This is why it is so important to make sure this center is not blocked with illness, emotional duress, stress and the number of toxins that our bodies are exposed to daily. This is your true center, the true you; who you are and what you will become. Knowing this helps one understand the importance of keeping the Hara energy clean and flowing- this can and will undoubtedly change your life.


"This is the heart of Reiki and this is why I chose Hara as the name of my Reiki practice."

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