Reflexology is a holistic therapy using a massage to the feet and hands that aims to bring the whole body into balance. The feet and hands contain a “map” of the entire body, every organ and body structure relates to a precise point on the top, side or sole of the foot and hand. The acupressure of reflexology clears away and moves congested toxic deposits throughout the body that inhibit the flow of vital energy.

With reflexology at work you will experience the calming effects of a wonderful massage drawing the whole body into a state of complete relaxation.


Seniors can especially benefit from reflexology by improving circulation and helping to increase their mobility. Reflexology also offers the potential to counter pain and ease the physical effects of aging, such as aching joints and incontinence. The lack of physical contact and loneliness that can be associated with old age can be dissipated by Reflexology- helping seniors simply to feel better in themselves.

Reiki enhances the cleansing effects along with the feelings of well-being when combined with Reflexology.


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