What is Reiki & How Can it Help Me?

"Re" means spiritual wisdom & "Ki" means life energy...This is the life energy, our vital life force or universal life energy. As long as something is alive it has this energy circulating through it and surrounding it. Ki is thought to be the underlying energy of everything that exists. Everything in the universe possesses Reiki without any exceptions. Reiki is the energy within one’s self; the “True Energy” which lies at the bottom of the stomach.

Reiki literally translates as “spiritual energy”; but the real inner meaning of the word Reiki is “True Self”.  What and where is this spiritual energy? Is it outside of us or inside of us? In practicing with this energy we begin to realize that the spiritual energy is both inside and outside of our selves.  As energy is everywhere. This energy, this Ki is influenced by the mind. If you have positive healthy thoughts, your Ki (energy) becomes stronger. If you have unhealthy, negative, thoughts such as fear, anxiety, stress, and worry your Ki is weakened or becomes unhealthy.

"Reiki is a special kind of Ki energy"

It is Ki that is guided by spiritual consciousness and is defined as spiritually guided energy. Various names are: the Universal Mind, God, the Supreme Being, the Great Mystery and the Creator of All.  Because Reiki is guided by a spiritual consciousness, it can never do harm. The energy always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create an effect that is appropriate. It is always helpful and always safe.

What is Usui Reiki?


The Founder of "Usui Reiki" was Usui Mikao

 Mikao Usui’s teachings and traditional techniques are based on building the energy flow through the meridians and strengthening the Hara. This, in turn, clears the body emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually to become one with the natural energetic flow of life.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It was “re-discovered” by Mikao Usui in March 1922. Reiki is a healing  technique that has been in use for thousands of years. As with many oral teachings and traditions they can get “lost or forgotten” in this ever changing journey of life. Mikao Usui  was given the gift of Reiki on such a journey of his own after spending 21 days on a mountain top in Japan.

Today, Mikao Usui is considered the father of Reiki and you can find out more about him through the internet and books. There are many types of Reiki offered today, which are all fulfilling their purpose of giving comfort and healing. I have chosen to follow the ways and recommendations of Usui because he was the original teacher and master of Reiki.

Reiki is a very simple yet very powerful healing technique.


Usui taught 5 original Reiki Principals and Ideals that are the secret art of inviting happiness into our lives and the miraculous medicine of all diseases. 

Just for today:

  • Do not anger

  • Do not worry

  • Have a heart filled with gratitude

  • Be diligent in all you do and be honest

  • Have compassion for yourself and others

(Join your hands in prayer. Pray these words to your heart and say these words with your mouth.)

Reiki and "The Three Diamonds"


There are three major symbolic energy centers in the body according to Japanese philosophy. They are described as the “Three Diamonds”; EARTH, HEART, and HEAVEN. Each of these centers has its own function and when developed through the Reiki techniques they combine to create a powerful healing system.

  • EARTH represents the HARA which is in the belly or abdomen. The “hara” is the foundation of the Japanese energetic system. The hara is like a battery that can be recharged through physical and spiritual techniques. Energy is stored at this point. From here it expands throughout the entire body. It is connected to the energy of the Earth.
  • HEART represents the HUMAN and is found in the middle of the chest. The energy in this center is connected with emotions. This “human” energy connects one fully with the human experience. Through this center one learns life’s process; from childhood through to adulthood and back to being a child. When one is a child, one is without experience, yet as one grows older one becomes a child with experience.
  • HEAVEN represents the SPIRITUAL and is found in the head. Here exists energy connected with ones’ spirit: Heavenly Energy. It is important to remain balanced and centered when working with this energy. That is why it is important to work in combination with the other two energy centers as they all support each other.  Keeping the Hara and the heart in balance helps the spiritual energy flow freely.

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